The Monkey and the Dog

monkey called Jack lived in a forest
Long ago, a monkey called Jack lived in a forest. He was a fool. One day he decided to go to the village.
Jack with his friendsJ
Jack’s friends learned about this. “Don’t go Jack. Village is a dangerous place. You should not go there,” they advised him.
Jack did not listen to his friends
But he did not listen to them and went to the village.
Jack saw a dog standing beside his kennel
In the village he saw a dog standing beside his kennel.
Jack asked the dogfor going inside
“This cage is beautiful. Can I get inside?” Jack asked the dog. The dog agreed.
Jack entered the kennel and the dog started barking
As soon as Jack entered the kennel the dog started barking.
His master, the farmer heard him and came to look. The farmer was pleased to see the monkey. He caught the monkey and sold him to a circus company.
circus company treated the monkey as a servant
The owner of the circus company treated the monkey as a servant and made him do all sorts of jobs.


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