Micky Learns Not to Take The Easy Way Out

The lazy rat Micky
Micky was a very lazy rat.
Micky's mother warning him
Micky’s mother always warned him, “Micky, my son! You had better look out! Your laziness will land you in trouble one day!
A log with a big hole in it
But Micky never paid any heed to his mother’s advise. One day, a log with a big hole in it came floating along the river.Micky crept into the hole and fell asleep
When Micky saw the log, he exclaimed, “Wow! A good place to sleep has floated up right to me!” He crept into the hole and fell asleep blissfully.
A strong wind pusing the log along the river
As Micky slept, a strong wind began to blow. It pushed the log along the river.
A cat seeing the sleeping Micky
When the log reached the riverbank opposite, a cat saw the sleeping Micky.
Cat jumped on to the log
The restless cat jumped on to the log to catch Micky. But he awoke just in time, leapt out of the hole, and swam to safety as fast as he could.

Micky promising that he would not be lazy
On reaching home, he got a good scolding from his mommy. Micky promised that he would not be lazy and take the easy way out ever again!



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