• OFT, in the stilly night,
    Ere slumber’s chain has bound me,
    Fond Memory brings the light
    Of other days around me:
    The smiles, the tears
    Of boyhood’s years,
    The words of love then spoken;
    The eyes that


    There were two fishermen who where close pals. They used to catch fish together on weekends. Since they were busy in their personal work and family, they hardly spend time together. It was a Saturday and

  • Micky was a very lazy rat.

    Micky’s mother always warned him, “Micky, my son! You had better look out! Your laziness will land you in trouble one day!

    But Micky never paid any heed to his mother’s advise.

  • There was a temple of Lord Shiva (God of destruction) near a southern city called Mahilaropyam.

    A holy sage used to live and look after the temple. He would visit the city everyday for alms, and return in

  • Kalu was a clever crow who lived in a beautiful village. One day, he had flown to the next village to meet with Uncle Crow. Uncle Crow was the oldest crow in the neighborhood. He was quite wise and knew many

  • Who doesn’t love a good tale? Kids love short stories, especially with a moral to discuss. Children in nursery school, pre-school, or at the kindergarten level (pre-kg, lkg, and ukg) enjoy

  • One day, Neelam the crow was flying over the trees. She was hungry. She was looking for something to eat. She found a piece of cheese under a tree. “How lucky I am!” said Neelam to her

  • Sharon wrote a new post, Animal Talk 3 months ago

    I think that I’ve got it all figured out…
    what animal talk is all about.

    “Moo” means excuse me, that’s my
    milk you’re takin’.
    “Oink” means quit lookin’ at me
    like I’m bacon.

    “Nay” means no shoes, no


    By a quiet little stream on an old mossy log;
    Looking very forlorn, sat a little green frog;
    He’d a sleek speckled back, and two bright yellow eyes,
    And when dining, selected the choicest of

  • Sharon wrote a new post, Doctor Foster 3 months ago


    Doctor Foster went to Gloucester
    In a shower of rain;
    He stepped in a puddle,
    Right up to his middle,
    And never went there again.

  • Sharon wrote a new post, Little Things 3 months ago

    Little drops of water,
    Little grains of sand,
    Make the mighty ocean
    And the pleasant land.
    Thus the little minutes,
    Humble though they be,
    Make the mighty ages
    Of eternity.
    So our little errors
    Lead the

  • Long time ago in China, there lived a poor boy, whose name was Aladdin. Aladdin lived with his mother. One day a rich and distinguished looking man came to their house and said to Aladdin’s mother, “I am a

  • Long ago, a monkey called Jack lived in a forest. He was a fool. One day he decided to go to the village.
    Jack’s friends learned about this. “Don’t go Jack. Village is a dangerous place. You should not g

  • Sharon wrote a new post, Morg 3 months, 1 week ago

    Morg was cross. She was more than cross, she was furious. She had been chosen to mind her little brother, again. Normally she quite liked him, as he stumbled after her on his short legs, babbling in a way

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    Once there was a little mouse named Lucy. She lived in the meadow with her mother and father, and her little brother Harvey. She and Harvey got along very well. They played



  • Funny how you can always tell when somebody’s laughing behind your back. Jodie hadn’t really heard anything, maybe a whisper, but when she turned around, the girls in the back row of the class were looking


    We were walking up the Avenue des Champs-Élysées with Dr. V, trying to read the story of the siege of Paris in the shell-scarred walls and the sidewalks plowed up by grape-shot. Just before we reached the Ci

  • In a thick bamboo jungle, two young pandas had started their new life. Both of them were very cute and chubby. They were born only a few days ago. Their mother had lovingly christened them Jackie and

  • Two frogs had lived in a village all their lives. they thought they would like to go and see the big city that was about ten miles away.

    They talked about it for a long time, and at last they set off to see the

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