Animal Talk

Animal Talk
I think that I’ve got it all figured out…
what animal talk is all about.

“Moo” means excuse me, that’s my
milk you’re takin’.
“Oink” means quit lookin’ at me
like I’m bacon.

“Nay” means no shoes, no shirt,
no ride.
“Baa” means, gee lately it’s
colder outside.

“Arf” means my tail
is my very best feature.
“Meow” means I’m such
an exquisite creature.

“Quack” means this water
is turning quite icy.
“Hiss” means you look
so delicious and spicy.

“Roarrr” means I am
the king of the beasts.
“Honk” means I am
the queen of the geese.

“Grrrr” means I’ll eat you
when you go for a walk.
Boy am I glad
I speak animal talk!


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