We believe that all people regardless of age or circumstance should be treated as individuals and should feel empowered to have choice and control over their own lives. There are not many kids social networks on internet and the ones available are not good enough to let the kids express their talents.Adorable kids club is a new kid-friendly social network for basic status updates, friends, messages and photo sharing and sharing homework too.

As the name suggests, Adorable kids club is a website that provides a well-guarded and interactive platform for the kids who might be too young and impressionable for websites like Facebook. This website is a safe haven for your kids, to grow, connect and nurture in a protected and kid-friendly environment.

As parents, our first instinct is always to take care and protect our children from any possible harm. We want our kids to see the world, but from behind our loving and safe arms.

  But as the children grow up, they want to experience and explore more that is out there in the world. And while change cannot be evitable, the measures taken to monitor those changes can be! Our website – AdorableKidsClub, is an online portal that allows kids from all over the globe to connect, talk, share and experience a fun loving community where they can exchange their accomplishments, their interests, their values, play games, learn about important things and also make new friends.


It is a safe-guarded website that monitors all the content that is shared on it, keeps a tab and eliminates all the unfiltered comments, does not allow child predators to access the webpage and keeps the digital environment for them safe and loving. This way, children get a taste of the present social networking patterns without getting exposed to adult and harmful content. The parental controls make sure the development of their child is valued and full of substance.

Kids can not only exchange informative material here, but indulge in chatting, sharing their favorite interests and activities, play games, post friendly pictures and interact with each other in a well-connected manner.

Acting as a digital day care center, it is a relief for parents, as they need not worry about the unfiltered comments and exposure to endangering adult content, cyber bullying or child predators. It is a sheltered, fun and engaging website that would help your children to learn alongside their friends under a proper parental control.

The unique safety feature of Adorable kids club is that content in messages, status and comments are kept age-appropriate by only allowing pre-defined words from the special Adorable kids club sentence tool.

So, let this be your early Christmas present and take a look at our website : www.adorablekidsclub.com, to provide your children with the best growing and nurturing social media surroundings.

This kids-only social network is fun, safe and secure. Once logged in, kids can customize their profile, watch videos, play games, take polls , post comments, connect with friends, share updates , images and videos.

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Adorable Kids Club.


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As a social media mega-platform, ADORABLE KIDS CLUB has everything a kid could want in a social network: chat, photos, videos, blog, a “shout” wall, music, groups, avatars, games and celebrity news.  COPYRIGHT@ADORABLEKIDSCLUB

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